Friday, February 1, 2013

Nature knows no political parties

There is a saying in the Talmud that "Once the sword is let loose in the land, it does not distinguish between the innocent and the guilty."  Perhaps a corollary to this should be:  Once a storm is let loose in the land, it does not distinguish between Republicans and Democrats.

Radar map of areas
 affected by Hurricane Sandy,
October 29, 2012
I am referring to the hypocrisy of  the 36 Republican Senators who voted against federal aid for the victims of Hurricane Sandy,  yet previously voted for -- even demanded! -- similar aid for disasters in their own states. (See a list of who they are and what they previously voted for).  In Jewish numerology, the number 36 is "double life," but theirs was hardly a humanitarian decision.

To me this vote was the height of hypocrisy.  It makes me wonder why anybody would vote against helping their fellow Americans recover from the worst storm system to hit the East Coast since we have been recording the weather.  Was this in retaliation for New York City Mayor Bloomberg's support of Obama and acknowledgement that global warming is real?

If that sounds like some sort of paranoid conspiracy theory, consider the fact that in 2011 the Republicans on the House Energy Committee voted unanimously to deny the existence of climate change. This was part of a concerted campaign on the part of  the Tea Party to de-legitimize global warming in the minds of the public, starting right after Al Gore won the Nobel Prize for "An Inconvenient Truth." (Watch the PBS documentary "Climate of Doubt")  And they came close to succeeding -- until Hurricane Sandy hit and demonstrated what the scientists have been predicting all along:  Manhattan was going to end up under water.  Suddenly climate change seems very real after all.

This time the water receded, but if the polar ice caps continue to melt, the flooding of the Coast could  become permanent.  2012 marked a new low in the amount of polar ice since the advent of the satellite era (when we could observe the Earth from space.)  And no amount of denial is going to stop the big meltdown if we don't stop pouring CO2 into the atmosphere.

You can't vote science out of existence.  The universe is not a democracy, it simply is what it is.  Nature is no respecter of party politics.  Had we listened to the warnings that scientists have been sounding for decades, we might not be having these devastating (and very expensive!) super-storms now.  I have argued before that climate change -- not Obamacare or Medicare or whatever -- is the biggest threat to our economy.  Those who resist aid to storm victims are often the same people who have been trying to convince us that global warming is a hoax.  But nature does not listen to votes on congressional committees.  Nature just marches on.

It's not too late to begin changing our polluting ways, although turning the situation around is going to take a long time -- if it is even possible at this stage.  Meanwhile, the very least we can do is to help those who are in the path of the storms.

Shame on those 36 Republican Senators!


Yonassan Gershom said...

Also Note:

Not one of the opponents has co-sponsored Sen. Harry Reid's (D-NV) "Extreme Weather Prevention and Resilience Act" which would encourage Congress to "prepare and protect communities from extreme weather, sea-level rise, drought, flooding, wildfire, and other changing conditions exacerbated by carbon pollution" and "reducing pollution, promoting the use of clean energy sources, and improving energy efficiency."

Richard Schwartz said...

Great post as always, Yonassan. Kol hakavod. I hope it is widely read and heeded.

Jeff Rivera said...

This indeed shows hypocrisy by a section of republicans, who opposed relief for the storm's relief. This not only shows intellectual bankruptcy but also selfish behavior of highest order.

A storm is a storm, whomsoever it strikes, ultimately leads to loss of human lives and property. This is the time to leave political and other differences aside and help each other as a brother would help another brother.

I just hope those republicans get some sense and realize the enormity of this disaster and take the first step in providing the relief to the needy people.

So lets hope better sense prevails every where.

Jeff Rivera

Bestselling Author

Anonymous said...

One wonders why they expect people to vote for them. One wonders why people do vote for them.

The GOP has become the party for Greedy Old (White) People and increasingly small demographic. Why the middle class and poorer still vote for a party that does not have their interests at heart is beyond me.


Yonassan Gershom said...

Well, part of it is that the GOP focuses on right-wing button-pushing issues like abortion and gay marriage. Labeling the liberals as "baby killers" goes a long way into scaring people into voting for the GOPs. I've met people for whom abortion is the ONLY issue they ever look at, nothing else matters. But when you get into how we need to support those (often unwanted) babies after they are born, then it's "Oh no, we don't want our taxes going to support welfare mothers." It is so easy to love an unborn fetus sucking its thumb in the womb -- much harder to love poor people who are already born and struggling to survive.

Jeff Eyges said...

It's who they are. Red states, the constituents of which complain the most about "big government", actually end up taking more money from the government than do blue states. If they got their way, it would be the end of them (like the Haredim in Israel who want to convert or get rid of all the chilonim; it never occurs to them they haven't the skills to run a state).

Blue State, Red Face: Guess Who Benefits More From Your Taxes?

Most Red States Take More Money From Washington Than They Put In

The Republicans have spent the past thirty years convincing the evangelicals and the working classes that they're the best friends they have. Of course, the Republicans would drop them in a heartbeat if the former got everything they wanted, but they're too stupid to realize it.