Monday, January 3, 2011

Our latest kitty rescue

Meet Angel Cat! 

Our latest feline arrival is this pretty female Siamese/tabby who showed up after a heavy rainstorm this past summer (2010).  She was way up in high a tree and crying pitifully. The white cat looked like a little spirit up in that dark spruce tree, so I immediately named her Angel. When I called to her she came right down into my arms, which told me she wasn't feral.  But she was very thin and starving for both food and love.  Nobody ever claimed her, so she lives here now, too.  As soon as she was well enough, we got her spayed, thanks to the all the generous people who helped us out. She got so attached to me (sleeps on my bed now) that I did not want to traumatize her again by re-homing.  She really is a  very sweet kitty, I can't imagine why somebody would dump her.

People have asked me why we have so many cats.  No, I'm not hoarding them!!!  Frankly, I'd rather have fewer cats -- as of this writing, the kitty count is at 13, which is a LOT of cats.  The thing is, they keep showing up here on our farm, and I don't have the heart to send them to a shelter where they would probably be killed if not adopted.  There have been a lot of foreclosures around here and I think many of these cats were left behind when their owners moved.  People think (falsely) that cats are more attached to places than people -- not true, so never abandon your kitty! 

Anyway, they do help keep the rodent population down around the poultry house and garden, which is better than setting out traps and poisons.  So for now, I'm managing a cat colony, some indoors and some outdoors.  And yes, I do get them all spay/neutered, so we have the cat population under control.   This gets expensive on my limited income, so of you would like to help, go to:

The graphic I used for years on eBay.  These kittens are,
of course, long ago adopted out to forever homes,
after which their mother, Chayah Cat, was spayed. 


Anonymous said...

I know this post is not new, but anyway I just wanted to drop a line of encouragement and gratitude for your beautiful heart. It is really the little things that we choose to do every day that make the world a better place. You are doing more than your fair share, with an open mind and a generous soul. I am not religious myself, but if God exists, may S/He bless you. Oh, I'm sure S/He does! Love from Switzerland

Yonassan Gershom said...

Thank you for your encouragement. Angel Cat is still here --right now she's curled up on the couch, warm and safe from this terrible cold weather we have been having. The current kitty count is at 11 -- some old ones have passed on, some new ones arrived, but it seems to stay at around a dozen.